I’m not in Japan anymore, now I’m going to Korea, everyone!

Hi everyone, this is  Tconnect TV!

Just kidding, I don’t have the money to fly to Korea even though I want to swing idols

Fortunately, the Japanese gave birth to the Korean street shinokubo in the heart of Tokyo, so wonderful.

In this street, you will be able to enjoy Korean cuisine, sing karraoke, listen to bum bum bum music of idol brothers and sisters.

But in general, I don’t care about food or other activities, what I care about is Hanbok everyone, first time trying on a hanbok, so pretty

To rent a set here, people will spend 4sen Japanese for 1 hour rental including costumes, hairdo, and simple makeup.

If you’re lazy to go out on the street to take pictures because the hanbok is too heavy to move, there’s a good photo studio in the shop for you, don’t go out anywhere, there are different palace-shaped backgrounds Looks like it lets you go around the world in one day.


I still recommend that you guys go out on the street in hanbok, with the Asian face of Vietnamese people, I feel like a genuine Korean girl for 1 hour, I’m sure you’ll find someone. Let’s see.

Tell everyone a secret, I’m the first Vietnamese to rent in this shop, this is the information provided by the owner, I don’t know if the owner is telling lies to flatter me, but I’m not surprised. with everyone

If you’ve come here, you should try Korean fried chicken, remember, you’ll hate KFC after eating well, I was shocked when I ate it yesterday because it was so delicious

In case this video goes viral, there will be a lot of people coming to this neighborhood and looking for a hanbok, I think you should message the shop via insta first if you need to make a reservation because there’s really no space. It’s not too big so it can’t hold too many people, let’s put it on the screen insta:

?Ins: omoide_shinokubo

Good luck to everyone traveling to Korea!!!

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